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«First I dream, then I plan and then persistence does the rest»
– Laila Pilgren

About me

Laila Pilgren, was born in Denmark but moved to Spain at an early age where she attended German, Spanish, English and American schools. She has a blend of north and south, trying to make the best of the cultural mix and understanding people whichever their background is.
She studied to become a project manager, also took a masters in sexology, she is a horse assisted therapist and had a peek into sports psychology amongst many other interests. 
As a mother, she has raised Victoria and Nicolas which made her rethink how education works, who is enjoying what goes on in the classrooms and how it will be possible to create a different future if we are still using old fashioned methods. But you will see more of that, as you browse through the content on this web.
So, welcome to her site and, please, enjoy the visit!


I offer services as a sexologist, communicator, consultant and project manager.


Aimed at both professionals and groups of people who are interested in a specific topic. I work with women’s associations, pharmaceutical companies, town halls, civic centers, athenaeums, groups affected by gender violence, erotic toy stores and manufacturers, as well as people with health conditions or impairments. The talks are personalized and deal with topics as diverse as menopause, female empowerment, the use of lubricants, sexual self-esteem, non-monogamy, sexuality after 50, the swinger world, BDSM and assertive communication, among many other topics.



Sex education is essential for society to move towards equality in every way. I give workshops for both boys and girls in schools, high schools and other educational centers; as well as for the families of the young people, the staff, the teachers and the management team. That is to say, all the adults who are in contact with the education of the youngest and can help spread comprehensive sexual education.
The content of the workshops is adapted both to the age of the girls and boys, as well as to their particular needs. Some of the most requested workshops are “Safety in social media”, “Consent”, “The first time”, “Porn versus reality”, “Self-knowledge”, “Healthy relationships”, “Myths regarding romantic love”, “Prevention of contagion of STIs and premature pregnancies” and a long etcetera.
In addition, I complement the workshops with educational guides segmented by the ages of the infants, which help to understand what was learned in the workshops.


I am a consultant on gender equality issues and equality plans for companies, municipalities, government entities and other institutions that need the academic knowledge of sexology applied to policies, whether they are from a small company, or at a global level in educational centers.
The topics that I can address are those related to gender equality, the eradication of violence against women, application of measures to prevent inequality between girls and boys, non-discrimination based on sexual orientation or expression (LGBTIQ+), inclusion of diversity of relationships in society (non-monogamies), among others.

Project manager

I have extensive experience in organizing events, festivals and congresses. From a bachelorette party of 10 people, to festivals with 500 attendees. As a producer and project manager, I am used to having a global vision of events from their conceptualization, team management, budget and expense control, sponsorship search, communication with the media up until their closure and evaluation, always looking for points of improvement.
I have worked with 5-star hotels organizing Valentine’s Day events, town halls (“Day without a car” | Barcelona), face-to-face congresses and even life streaming.


If you have a specific topic for which you need a sexological accompaniment, perhaps I can help you with individual or couple sessions. At my consultation, both in person and online, I will be able to help with issues such as fetishism, lack of desire, anorgasmy, alternative sexualities and an endless number of other particularities.


Check my photo gallery of some events I have attended.


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